WEEK 14 & WEEK 15


Was absent from class this week, as I was too drained out from my other projects. (Week 14 was truly a crazy week with the least amount of sleep and most amount of stress, I’m basically walking dead)

Did a few research and case studies that might help with our Assignment 4.

Case Studies

Universe of Water Particles Under Satellite’s Gravity by teamLab

Universe of Water Particles Under Satellite’s Gravity by Japanese studio, teamLab.

It is a simulation of a waterfall cascading on a satellite in zero gravity in ridiculous detail that consists two part: a giant model of the ALOS-2 satellite and a stunning projection-mapped waterfall rendered in ridiculous detail.

The image of the waterfall is projected over the physical satellite, creating the wonderful illusion of weightlessness.

The creators compare the effect to traditional Japanese painting, writing that, “In traditional Japanese painting, oceans, rivers and bodies of water are expressed as a curvilinear series of lines. These lines give the impression of life, as though water itself were a living creature.”

Retrieved from: https://www.vice.com/en/article/4xqwkb/digital-waterfall-projected-on-satellite-gives-illusion-of-weightlessness

Into the Light by James Turrell

Using his background in psychology and mathematics, and years of knowledge, exploring and manipulating the ways people’s eyes and brains process light and space, Turrell reigns as a Master Welder of Illusion.

The exhibition brings together light installations from every stage of the career of this 74-year-old artist and elder statesman of the Southern California Light and Space movement, from what appears to be a levitating cube (a projection of buttery light in the corner of the gallery) to a series of holographic images that seem to contain three-dimensional wisps of light.

The exhibition encourages durational looking, with seating provided next to or inside five installations.

“I was very interested in… the walking meditation and how something develops [as] you go through it… how things then change and transmogrify,” Turrell said. “I like the journey of walking towards something.”

Retrieved from: https://hyperallergic.com/385049/a-journey-through-james-turrells-disorienting-world-at-the-newly-expanded-mass-moca/

Diffusion Choir by Sosolimited

A kinetic sculpture inspired by collaboration in nature.

It involves four hundred kinetic elements that reveal the movements of an invisible flock of birds. The sculpture celebrates the beauty of individuals working together in harmony, with the help of calming sounds.

Berndnaut Smilde, artist who makes clouds indoor

Berndnaut Smilde, Dutch artist is known for his “Nimbus” series, in which he creates perfect, fluffy clouds in unique indoor spaces: churches, castles, dungeons, and most recently, in honor of Frieze New York, NeueHouse on 25th Street.

The lifespan of a typical Berndnaut Smilde sculpture is 10 seconds — just long enough to be photographed.The only lasting memory of his series is singular photograph — the perfect picture of the cloud in that space — which Smilde and his team work endlessly to capture. His sculptures are as unusual as they are ethereal: Smilde makes perfect miniature clouds in a diverse array of indoor locations, from coal mines to cathedrals.



One last stretch!

With all the previous discussion and plannings, it’s finally time to put the ideas into action.

We created new visuals that also includes other elements and music that will evoke tranquil and relaxed emotions.

new sets of visuals

Using airplay to connect our laptops to the screen of the smart board thingy (?)

Struggled for a couple of times as there seems to be a problem connecting our laptops to the screen. The airplay is just… unpredictable, disconnect whenever it wants. So we redid all the connections and file importing in each of our laptop, so we can just reconnect it to another laptop if the connection went missing again. *screams*

Time lapse video of our complete process

The experiment and shooting was successful overall.

Wobbly close up look
Some behind the scenes goofiness (my groupmates are so stupid I love them)




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